New Cochrane protocol: First aid training for laypeople

CPR training

Together with our initiator, the Centre for Evidence-Based Practice of Belgian Red Cross, we have published a protocol for a Cochrane systematic review on the effectiveness of first aid training for laypeople in The Cochrane Library.
This topic ranked second in our priority exercise in 2020-2021, where we consulted our stakeholders to identify the 5 most urgent topics to systematically gather the available studies on and synthesize the findings in order to substantiate first aid recommendations.

The main objective of this review is to assess the effects of first aid training for laypeople, compared to no training or other training on:

  1. The helping behaviour of the persons providing first aid;
  2. The quality of the first aid provided;
  3. The health outcomes of the people receiving first aid.

In addition, the review will assess the effects of first aid training for laypeople on first aid-related knowledge, skills, self-efficacy, willingness to help, and adverse effects.