Knowledge translation

If you have an interest in evidence-based first aid, we are there for you! We can assist you in various ways:

  • Are you a candidate review author, with an interest in writing a Cochrane review with relevance for the field of first aid? Contact us:

    • We can help you in navigating the broader Cochrane community, and help you find the appropriate Cochrane editorial review group.

    • We would love to promote your work, once it is published in the Cochrane library.

    • We may assist with methodological issues, should your review group face capacity issues.

  • Are you an interested consumer of evidence? Take a look at our knowledge translation activities, by which we try to repackage Cochrane evidence into easily digestible formats:

    • Very soon, you will find Cochrane Corners on this page, which are summaries of Cochrane reviews with a relevance to Cochrane First Aid.

    • This page also contains blogshots on several first aid-relevant Cochrane reviews. Blogshots are short, visual presentations of a Cochrane review, which are very suitable to share via social media platforms.

    • Furthermore,┬átake a look at existing evidence-based first aid guidelines, which contain recommendations supported by Cochrane evidence.