Webinar on how to consult, read and interpret first aid evidence

On Wednesday 7 October, Cochrane First Aid field coordinator Jorien Laermans presented a live webinar on “Consulting, Interpreting & Using First Aid Research Evidence” during Survival 2020 - The International Red Cross First Aid, Injury Prevention and Aquatics Education Virtual Conference

Some 125 first aid evidence fanatics from 5 continents attended the interactive webinar and were familiarized with different aspects of scientific research and Cochrane First Aid. 
Participant reactions included:

  • “Great explanation”
  • “That seems like a very interesting resource” (referring to our register listing all Cochrane systematic reviews relevant to first aid)
  • “Congratulations on being both really informative and fun!”

This webinar represents another step forward in lowering the bar towards the use of high-quality evidence on first aid and being a liaison between science and practice. 

A big thank you to all the attendees for their enthusiasm! 

The extended version of the webinar presentation slides, including links to additional interesting resources, can be found here.