Cochrane Corners

Cochrane First Aid has partnered up with the International Journal of First Aid Education for the publication of its Cochrane Corners, which are summaries of the findings of Cochrane reviews.
  1. Is Continuous Chest Compression CPR by Untrained Bystanders More Effective than Conventional CPR with Rescue Breathing? A Cochrane Corner for the IJFAE

    Summary of "Effectiveness of continuous versus interrupted chest compression cardiopulmonary resuscitation in case of non-asphyxial out-of-hospital cardiac arrest".

    Note that this Corner focuses on one part of the Cochrane Review, i.e. on CPR that is delivered by untrained bystanders supported by telephone instruction, as this is most relevant to first aid practice.
  2. Cochrane Corner: How Accurate are Prehospital Stroke Scales at Identifying People with Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack?

    Summary of "Prehospital stroke scales as screening tools for early identification of stroke and transient ischemic attack".