Happy 1st birthday to us!

Last week, Cochrane First Aid celebrated its first birthday. This past year has been one full of activity!

We launched late April of 2019 after several months of preparation to set up the field, develop a strategic plan, get the website up and running, have resources and evidence available on the website and start developing blogshots.

Although we’re celebrating our birthday in quarantine, we would like to share some achievements of the past year with you:

  • Our field director Emmy De Buck gave a talk at the virtual Cochrane Santiago Colloquium 2019 presenting Cochrane First Aid as a new Cochrane Field and highlighting the initiatives we take to involve our target audience.

  • We successfully launched a call with our partner organisation Global First Aid Reference Centre (GFARC) looking for volunteers. We are always looking for more contributors, so contact us to get in touch!

  • Together with our volunteers, we developed blogshots, small infographics which can easily be shared on social media. We have covered over fifteen first aid topics and several blogshots have been translated to Malay, French and/or Dutch. We greatly appreciate the contributions of our volunteers and partner organisations in developing these blogshots and disseminating them via their own social media! We also shared several blogshots relevant to first developed by other Cochrane groups.

  • We sent out our first 4 quarterly newsletters with overviews of our latest news and activities. Our newsletters include a list of the new Cochrane reviews relevant to first aid of the last quarter. The number of subscribers is steadily growing, but please sign up here if you haven’t already…

  • We regularly posted on our Twitter feed and Facebook page and even started an Instagram account to reach a broader audience and the number of followers have been steadily growing there as well.

In this second year of Cochrane First Aid, we are aiming to expand our knowledge translation activities with Cochrane Corners and reach out to our target audiences even more via for example workshops. Of course, we will continue to advocate for integration of Cochrane evidence into first aid guidelines and manuals and aim to further consult our global partners to prioritize their first aid evidence needs.