Evidence-Based First Aid Guidelines

Following first aid guidelines are evidence-based. This means they have been developed according to the principles of Evidence-Based Practice, therefore taking into account scientific evidence, the practical experience of experts in the field, and the views and preferences of the target audience. Several of the recommendations made in these guidelines are supported by Cochrane evidence.

  • ILCOR Consensus on Science and Treatment Recommendations (CoSTR)

    ILCOR has implemented a continuous evidence evaluation process to ensure timely delivery and dissemination of the highest-quality resuscitation and first aid recommendations. All CoSTRs are published on their website and can be consulted here.

  • CEBaP First Aid Evidence Summary Database

    CEBaP supports the development of the first aid guidelines and manuals of the Belgian Red Cross by developing new first aid evidence summaries and updating existing summaries with the latest evidence. These first aid evidence summaries can be consulted in an Evidence Summary Database. Access to this database is free, but registration is required.

  • AFAM

    The Belgian Red Cross developed an evidence-based first aid manual for the Sub-Saharan African context. This manual also includes prevention-related advice. The manual can be downloaded free of charge here. All evidence summaries that were developed for this manual can be found in the Evidence Summary Database by CEBaP. 

  • First aid and resuscitation guidelines of the IFRC

    The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is one of the world’s leading providers of first aid. The IFRC supports National Societies and participates in the development of harmonized first aid techniques, which is why, every 5 years, they publish evidence-based first aid and resuscitation guidelines for National Society first aid programme managers, scientific advisory groups, first aid instructors and first responders. The most recent guidelines can be consulted here.