Strategic plan

Cochrane First Aid (CFA) executes its objectives according to a strategic plan, which has been approved by the Cochrane Central Executive. In this plan, we describe the purpose of our Field, the objectives we plan and the goals we want to reach by taking these actions.

In brief, these are the goals CFA has set for the coming years:

  1. Network building: CFA wants to become a global network, involving the major players in the field of first aid. We aim for global representation, by actively soliciting for contributors in our partner organizations. Furthermore, we want to create a sense of involvement, by actively requesting our stakeholders for evidence needs, and communicate these needs to the relevant Cochrane Groups.

  2. Building demand/advocacy: CFA contributes to the inclusion of Cochrane evidence in guidelines of the major first aid organizations. To further increase accessibility to first aid-related Cochrane evidence, we build and maintain a register of Cochrane systematic reviews that are of relevance to the field of first aid. Furthermore, we actively promote and build capacity regarding the work of Cochrane with our stakeholders.

  3. A major goal of CFA is contributing to the knowledge translation activities of Cochrane in various ways:

    1. By contributing to evidence-based first aid guidelines, backed by Cochrane evidence where available

    2. By disseminating and repackaging Cochrane evidence in easy-to-use formats

    3. By actively promoting Cochrane with our stakeholders

  4. We want to engage our stakeholders through surveys on their evidence needs on the one hand and on how we can increase our relevance to the field on the other hand.

  5. Finally, CFA is involved in review production in several ways:

    1. We plan on contributing to prioritization exercises.

    2. We can assist Cochrane Review Groups with capacity issues with editorial work, where capacity allows.

    3. We conduct priority reviews in case no author teams are available.

Our full strategic plan can be consulted here.