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  • A new review by the Cochrane Emergency and Critical Care Group has been published in the Cochrane Library. The authors of this review investigated whether mobilization of community first responders is helpful in out-of-hospital cardiac arrests. They found 2 trials, including  1136 participants. Mobilizing community first responders...
    August 8 2019
  • We sent out our very first quarterly newsletter! The online version can be viewed at: https://mailchi.mp/1e1842965bbc/cochrane-first-aid-news-july-2019We will share news, blogshots, relevant Cochrane reviews on First Aid, etc from the past three months in each issue.Don’t forget to sign up on our home page for the newsletter and while you’re...
    July 10 2019
  • This year’s annual Cochrane Colloquium will take place in Santiago, Chile, from October 22nd to October 25th. We will be there to present our newly formed Field, and of course to meet up with all the other members of the Cochrane family. This year’s theme is Embracing Diversity. We’re looking forward seeing you there as well!For more information...
    June 14 2019
  • To help guide first-aid care, the International Liaison Comittee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) uses a continuous evidence evaluation process for resuscitation and relevant first-aid topics. This process culminates in the production of a consensus on science with treatment recommendations (CoSTR). Whilst previous work by ILCOR has helped to establish...
    April 29 2019
  • Cochrane First Aid not only has a website which is updated regularly, but we are also active on social media.You can find us on:Twitter: @Cochrane_FA Facebook: Cochrane First Aid or @CochraneFirstAid Instagram: @Cochrane_firstaidFollow us and we will be sure to provide you with interesting Cochrane evidence and news throughout the week!
    April 29 2019
  • Cochrane is delighted to announce the official launch of Cochrane First Aid. Cochrane First Aid (CFA) is one of 12 thematic areas called Cochrane Fields. Cochrane First Aid aims to be a global, independent network of people interested in producing, disseminating and implementing high-quality research evidence within the field of first aid.The new...
    April 19 2019
  • One of Cochrane First Aid’s major aims is to disseminate Cochrane evidence in formats that are easily accessible. We will translate evidence from a relevant Cochrane review in a blogshot on a weekly basis. These are accessible on our website, but will also be shared on our social media channels, Twitter and Facebook. Highly recommended reading!
    April 11 2019
  • A Cochrane review on first aid interventions, feasible to be conducted by laypeople, in cases of acute oral poisoning, has been published in the Cochrane Library by Avau et al. This review found 24 studies, with a total of 7099 participants. All but one of these studies was conducted in a hospital setting. The majority of studies investigated the...
    April 5 2019
  • Cochrane First Aid wants to be the go-to platform for scientific evidence on first aid. Are you interested in synthesizing, disseminating or using first aid-related evidence? Get in touch to see how you can become a part of Cochrane First Aid. For more information, take a look at our get involved page.
    April 4 2019


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